Opening hours
Begin time | 8:30
End time | 17:30

  • The Nanjing City Wall is open all year round. The opening hours will change according to the light and peak seasons. If there are major events or special circumstances, the opening hours will be extended or shortened. Please pay attention to the announcement.
  • In order to enjoy the night view of the city wall, the ticket sales time of Dongshuiguan to Jiqingmen City Wall (including Zhonghua Gate) is extended to 20:30 in the evening (only available in the north gate of Zhonghua Gate).
Ticketing policy
1/ Shence Gate to Taiping Gate, ticket price is 30 yuan per person;
2/ Fugui Mountain, ticket is 10 yuan per person, Zhongshan Gate to Guanghua Gate East Street, ticket price is 10 yuan per person;
3/ From Dongshuiguan to Jiqing Gate, ticket price is 50 yuan per person.
4/ City Wall Annual Card, price is 90 yuan per person.

Ticketing policy
1/ Nanjing college students are free to visit with student ID;
2/ The valid certificate for the elderly aged 60 to 69 is half-price discount.
3/ Free for disabled persons, active servicemen, and senior citizens over 70 years old;
4/ Juveniles are free to visit.

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