Qingliang Gate to Zhongyang Gate
Qingliang Gate to Zhongyang Gate
This section of the city wall is about 6.9 kilometers long, with 9 entrances to the city wall, including Shicheng Gate, Qingliang Gate, Yuejiang Gate, Yifeng Gate and so on. The cultural facility is Yifeng Bookstore (Yifeng Gate), located in the city building of Yifeng Gate. The style of the Bookstore is quiet, elegant, ancient and simple. Unlike other city wall bookstores hidden in the belly of the wall, Yifeng Bookstore is an antique building stands high on the city gate, not to mention the extraordinarily charming scenery outside the city wall. There is also a Qing Dynasty iron cannon in the city wall tower. Here, we read and meditate to understand the history of Nanjing.

Stone City Site: Stone City, commonly known as Ghost Face City, is located in the west of the Qingliang Gate of the Ming City Wall. It was first built in the seventh year of King Chuwei (333 years ago). Sun Quan moved his capital to Mausoleum (now Nanjing). He built a city at the original site of Jinlingyi in Stone Hill, named Stone, and kept the danger of the Yangtze River. It is known as the Tiger Town of Stone City. Zhu Yuanzhang, the Taizu of the Ming Dynasty, built a wall of the Ming Dynasty. Stone City has also become a part of the Ming City Wall.

Qingliang Gate: Qingjiang Gate, once named for its location in Qingliangshan Mountain, is situated east to west. It is now composed of a city gate and an oval urn city. The city is semi-circular, facing the city gate. The city building on the city gate has no longer existed. There is a hanging stone on the top of the city and two winches are chiseled.

Yijiang Gate: In 1914, a new market was opened for the prosperity of Xiaguan along the Yangtze River. In 1928, because of the construction of Zhongshan Avenue, Hailing Gate was renamed as Yijiang Gate. The next year, Dai Jitao inscribed "Yijiang Gate". The original building was destroyed by the Japanese invaders and rebuilt in 1946.
Tour route
Qingliang Gate-Shitoucheng-National Defense Park (about 1.1km), Dinghuai Gate-Huayangang Gate-Yuejiang Gate-Yifeng Gate (about 4.2km), Zhongfulu-Zhongyang Gate (about 1.6km)
Ticket price: free

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