Fuguishan to Lanqi Street
This section of the city wall is about 2.8 kilometers long, with four entrances to the city wall. Cultural facilities include Zixia Shuyuan.

The city wall of Fugui Mountain is entered by the semi-circular tunnel entrance below the surface of Fugui Mountain, which has a feeling of winding paths and seclusion; the scenery of the front Lake section is picturesque, and the protective project connects the gap of the city wall seriously damaged during the flood season; Zhongshan Gate is located a little north of the old Chaoyang Gate site, which is named for its location in the eastern part of Nanjing City, and the first place to greet the sun, is the connection between the palace city inside the city and the Ming Xiaoling Tomb outside the city. In 1928, the Government built a road leading from Zhongshan pier to Zhongshan Mausoleum, demolished the original Chaoyang Gate built three-hole arch brick gate, and embedded the inscription.

Zhongshan Gate: Originally the Chaoyang Gate of the Ming Dynasty, it was named for its location in the east of Nanjing, which was the first place to greet the sun. It is the passageway connecting the palace city inside the city and the Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum outside the city.

Biaoying Gate: After the demolition of the city in 1950s, this is the remains of the gap. In 2009, in order to connect the gap of the Ming City Wall and facilitate the traffic under the wall, a new three-hole city gate was built, named "Biaoying Gate".

Banshanyuan sluice: In 1997, the city wall protection and management center found the sluice by investigating the current situation of the wall of Qianhu Gap. The sluice was built in the early Ming Dynasty and is an important water supply system of Yudaihe River in the city. It provides an important demonstration for the study of the water supply and drainage system of the Ming City Wall. In 2015, the protection exhibition project of the lake section in front of Nanjing city wall was started and completed.
Tour route
1. Fugui Moutain-Pipa Lake Section (0.8km)
2. Zhongshan Gate-Biaoying Gate-Lanqi Street Corridor (about 2 km)
Ticket price: 10 yuan
Preferential Policy: Full-time college students hold valid certificates at half price, and elderly people aged 60 years or above and under 70 years (excluding) at half price.
Ticket-free policy: Juveniles under 18 years old (excluding), elderly people over 70 years old (including), military personnel in active service, retired cadres, disabled persons and those holding Nanjing Park Year Card and City Wall Year Card are exempted from tickets.

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