Shence Gate to Taiping Gate
Shence Gate to Taiping Gate
This section of the city wall is about 6 kilometers long, with 7 entrances to the city wall. There are two permanent exhibitions. There are two cultural facilities: Taicheng Study (Jiefang Gate) and Chuangying Book Club (Big Tree Root). The section from Shence Gate to Taiping Gate includes Shence Gate, Xuanwu Gate and Jiefang Gate. Shence Gate is the most complete one among the thirteen inner city gates in Ming Dynasty. It also retains the Qing Dynasty gate tower and iron-covered wooden gates. The design of the outer urn city is unique. Xuanwu Gate was opened in the late Qing Dynasty and is located on the west side of Xuanwu Lake.

Taicheng: Taicheng is the seat of imperial forbidden provinces and imperial palaces in the Eastern Jin and Southern Dynasties. Now the term Taicheng refers to the wall at the north foot of the Arctic Pavilion and south of Xuanwu Lake. It has a Nanjing City Wall Museum. It visits Taicheng, visits Zhongshan, Guanxuanwu, Liudihuai six dynasties, searches for the old capital at the edge of the city, and Jinling takes on a new look.

Jiefang Gate: In 1952, because of the need for air defense evacuation to break through the wall to open the door, the first name was "Taicheng Gate", and later changed to "Jiefang Gate" so far. After 1998, the small exhibition hall of Nanjing City Wall Museum was built by using the inner space of the city gate, which shows the unique and magnificent historical project of Nanjing City Wall.

Xuanwu Gate: In 1909, Nanjing (also known as "Jiangning") held "Nanyang Exercise" to provide leisure places for Chinese and foreign guests. The Fengrun Gate of single-hole arch coupon was opened on the city wall. It was renamed XuanwuGate in 1928. The next year, it was inscribed by Cai Yuanpei. In 1934, it was built as the gate of three-hole arch coupon.
Tour route
Shence Gate (Shence Gate Park) - Dashugen (Xuanwu Lake Tunnel Entrance) - Xuanwu Gate - Taicheng (Jiefang Gate) - Linhu Hall (near Xuanwu Lake Park Guyuewutai) - East Gate of Jiuhua Mountain Park (about 6 km)
Ticket price: 30 yuan
Preferential Policy: Full-time college students hold valid certificates at half price, and elderly people aged 60 years or above and under 70 years (excluding) at half price.
Ticket-free policy: Juveniles under 18 years old (excluding), elderly people over 70 years old (including), military personnel in active service, retired cadres, disabled persons and those holding Nanjing Park Year Card and City Wall Year Card are exempted from tickets.

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